A school sports physical is a form that will allow your child to participate in school sports. Therefore, if your child intends to play any sport, it is prudent for them to have a sports physical. Completed by your doctor, the physical will examine and evaluate the child’s condition and if they are fit to play sports. Moreover, these examinations provide an opportunity for your doctor to discuss important health issues affecting your children.

A school sports physical (sometimes called a preparticipation physical examination) will help you decide whether it is safe for your child to engage in a sport. The two primary components of a school sports physical are an evaluation of the child’s medical history and the actual physical exam. At Dr. Cubas Urgent Care, we provide school sports physicals. These exams are required at least once a year and sometimes before participating in any physical activity at a school. Regardless, all minors must have parental or guardian permission.

When we study the child’s medical history, we look at patterns of illness, hospitalizations, or injuries which will help inform us of possible conditions to consider. Many doctors consider a child’s medical history as the most critical element of a school sports physical exam. Therefore, please answer the medical history questionnaire carefully. However, there is very little risk that just the answers will stop your child from playing sports.

During the physical portion, the doctor will usually record your height and weight, blood pressure and pulse, and evaluate your child’s posture, joints, strength, and flexibility, along with other tests and measures. Moreover, while the exam is mostly the same for males and females, the doctor may askĀ children biologically gender-specific questions. For instance, for a teen female, the doctor may ask her about her period and diet to make sure she does not suffer from issues associated with poor nutrition, irregular or absent periods, and weak bones, a condition known as the female athlete triad.

All that said, as a result of a school sports physical, it is uncommon for children to be excluded from playing completely. Most health issues will not block a child from sports activity. Playing sports is a great way for children to become active and stay in shape. But to avoid injury or illness, your child needs to be prepared. That preparation starts with a school sports physical, ensuring their bodies are ready for competitive training and the season ahead.

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