It is that time again. The summer is coming to a close, and children are preparing for school. For parents, it is a time of buying supplies, clothes, and other necessities their kids will need for a successful year. Are back to school physicals on your to-do list?

Many will push off getting back to school physicals unless a proof of vaccination and health is required for registration or sports. However, there are benefits to making it a part of your annual back to school routine. A comprehensive examination can alert parents of unnoticed issues that can affect academic performance.

Generally, what influences a person’s health will include things like exposure to diseases and viruses, eating habits, self-care, and more. Population movement, when people more to Florida from other states and countries, can cause an increased risk to health and exposure to pathogens. The way to handle these issues is with prevention. The more parents take action, becoming informed and committed to prevention, the less risk there is of spreading disease in school.

Additionally, during back to school physicals, parents can talk to their doctor about any intellectual issues their child is experiencing. Are there any behavior issues? Are you concerned about the intellectual development of your child? Have you noticed any performance or learning problems? It is essential you express these concerns to your doctor. Early detection means we can tackle these difficulties before they become extremely challenging.

Finally, during back to school physicals, your doctor can provide practical advice. At every stage of childhood, kids need help transitioning into the school environment. A physical exam is an opportunity to reexamine family support. It is a time to discuss potential problems that can arise and discuss effective ways to address them.

Ultimately, a back to school physical is essential for protecting children and for addressing and preventing physical, mental, and emotional problems. If you would like to talk about back to school physicals, or need more information, please contact us.